Petals by QueSara



Petals by QueSara was founded by Sara Rothan, a passionate seamstress and designer who’s spent the last decade immersed in Southern California’s luxury bridal business. She’s honed her skills fitting,
altering and tailoring with renowned brands including Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier and Oscar de la Renta. She loves moonlighting with celebrity stylists, tailoring gowns for luminaries such as Mandy Moore, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Scarlet Johansson and Adele.
Sara’s passion for helping brides achieve their perfect fit inspired the creation of Petals by QueSara, a design studio focused especially on the youngest wedding participants. At Petals, we specialize in helping clients design enchanting flower girl attire, offering a variety of options for bodices, bottoms, colors, fabrics and custom details. Our goal is to turn our clients’ visions into reality, with topnotch workmanship and hand-stitching of delicate elements. The result is a truly captivating, picture-perfect flower girl outfit for an unforgettable wedding day.
The Petals origin story comes straight from some of Sara’s earliest childhood memories: dreaming up and drawing beautiful “princess” gowns. Sara’s mother, an accomplished seamstress herself, made adorable
dresses for Sara and her sister, with special attention devoted to holiday and birthday themes. She’d often bring her girls along to the fabric store, where Sara would explore the oversized pattern books and wander
the aisles of colorful calico, cottons and linens, imagining the possibilities.
There is something magical about the process of designing a dress for a special occasion… finding the perfect fit for the wearer, as well as the event theme, that makes the dress truly memorable. At Petals by QueSara, we want to share that magical experience with you. Sara relies on her extensive experience in custom design development to turn client ideas into tangible designs. Here, she takes on the role of fashion detective, using a combination of intuition and discovery to help each client articulate that distinct vision they have in their mind’s eye, but perhaps can’t put into words. To Sara, the greatest reward is hearing, “It’s even better than I pictured it.”
Petals is aligned with Sara’s personal goals and holistic ideals. In the spirit of sustainability for our environment, we offer eco-fiber fabric options, use organic cotton and upcycled polyester garment bags, making environmentally conscious choices whenever possible. We also donate a portion of our profits to mental health awareness organizations.
Our company was created with the goal of including our clients in the joyful, deeply meaningful experience of creative expression. Every member of the Petals team strives to give our clients a flower
girl ensemble they’ll never forget.

The founder of Petals, Sara Rothan, has been working in the luxury bridal business for the past 10 years in Los Angeles. She has worked with several brands including Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier and Oscar de la Renta. She also moonlights working with several celebrity stylists to tailor gowns for the likes of Mandy Moore, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Scarlet Johansson and Adele.

As much as she loves working with brides in achieving a perfect fit she felt inspired to design Petals for the younger wedding participants. Or more accurately- helping clients design their flower girl outfits. This company and concept was born of Sara’s childhood. She loved drawing beautiful “princess” gowns. From a young age, her mother not only made pretty dresses for special holidays and birthdays but would often bring Sara to the fabric store to look through pattern books and the aisles of calico to “design” her own dresses.

There is something about the process of designing a dress for a special occasion so that it not only matches the theme and colors of the event but also makes the dress even more precious. Petals by QueSara

 wants to share that experience with others!

This company was created with the goal of being deeply meaningful not only for the clients but also for Sara. She wanted it to align with her personal goals and ideals. In that spirit, the company offers eco fiber options in the fabric selection and whenever feasible makes the environmentally conscious choices. Additionally, 2% of the profits are donated to NAMI- a grassroots mental health organization.